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Service monitor is a simple tool created to help to monitor and manage the states of windows services. The idea started based on the old SQL server tool tray service monitor except this tool can monitor/manage any other service as well. You can add/remove services at will and even include services running on other machines - all into one listed view.



  • Show and automatically update status of each service based on timed polling
  • Display global or selected service state as Application icon/overlay
  • Start/Stop/Restart multiple services at once (multiselect list items)
  • UAC aware - for local services only (remote services don't need it)
  • Add/remove services from multiple machines
  • Snap to desktop sides (multi-monitor aware)
  • Load/Save service lists for reuse (associate with srvlst file extension)
  • Quick load list to quickly load a different list of services
  • Jump list links to Services mmc and Event log viewer (Windows 7 only)
  • Hide to system tray (but not recommended for Windows 7 anymore)
  • Change polling interval


  • Windows 7 (Vista and Windows XP supported with less functionality)
  • The right privileges to view/update service states (on all machines monitored)
  • .Net 4.0 framework
  • A brain helps a lot. Really!


This utility makes use of the Windows API code pack for Windows 7. It will run on Windows XP with some functionality disabled (of course).

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